Processed bottled juice can last for up to 2 years! The fruit and vegetable processing industry uses powerful versions of the same lower speed extraction process as the cold press juicers to extract the maximum yield of juice from the fresh produce. Once cold pressed, juice is rapidly pasteurised or heat treated. This heating process has been shown to destroy a lot of the nutritional value of the ingredients, together with the naturally occurring digestive enzymes within the fruit and vegetables, and changes the pH from alkaline to acid. Most antioxidants are heat sensitive and can decrease by up to 15% every time a fruit juice is heated. The primary purpose of this process is to extend the juice’s shelf life. Should you look at the ingredients of pre-packed juices, you will see that a great deal of juice manufacturers use concentrates, additives and preservatives to save costs. However, regardless of whether the juice is made from concentrate or not, the alkaline properties and the naturally occurring vitamins and minerals will be significantly diminished by the pre-packing method. Juice concentrates are often imported and typically involve hours of heating to remove the water, leaving little nutritional value behind. Regrettably, the pasteurisation process kills everything, both the good and the bad, inside the juice. This is why pre-packed juices are not really a great alternative to freshly squeezed juices, if you are looking for a nutrients top-up. For a true alternative to juicing every day, click here!
Organic superfood protein shake as an alternative to juicing
By the time pre-packed juice is packed and sold, it may have been heated at as many as 2 or 3 locations before finally being bottled! The long-term storage of pasteurised juice leads to a further breakdown of nutrients over time. A daily green juice, especially wheatgrass juice, is promoted by The Living Foods Programme as a basic multi-vitamin and multi- mineral supplement.
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